Meet Girly Mathebula, Baking Extraordinaire

Girly’s real name is Tovokani. She decided to call herself Girly when she entered the hospitality industry many years ago. She adopted the name after deciding that it is easier to pronounce and remember than Tovokani. Girly has been at Tanda Tula for over 20 years. Actually, so long she cannot remember exactly when she started!

Having initially started in the scullery, she then worked as a waitress before eventually finding herself in the kitchen - a place she absolutely loves working. She was taught the basics by David, another Tanda Tula chef, but has since developed her own love for pastry and baking. Everyone in camp knows when Girly is baking her special bread because the warm yeasty aromas float through the staff village.

However, it is not only the staff at Tanda Tula that have developed a special fondness for Girly’s bread, it seems the monkeys have also started to recognize its gorgeous smell. On more than one occasion Girly has come into the kitchen to find a troop of monkeys enjoying her freshly baked loaves, or worse yet, the rolls that she has just prepared for dinner. She takes it all in her stride but does admit that these naughty monkeys are the bane of her life. Otherwise, she loves her job and being part of the Tanda Tula family.


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