Meet Ginger

Ginger, a most unusual name for a man who grew up in a small village near Tanda Tula - a place most likely to have seldom encountered this hot, pungent root. Alas, Ginger has no idea how he got his name and laughingly admits his local Shangaan name is also just a nickname. However, none of this deters from the highly skilled man he is and the incredible ability he has to change roles so effortlessly and graciously.

Ginger is a guide most of the time, but often will be back rifle at Field Camp or even lead these walks when necessary. His keen eye and amazing tracking skills are two characteristics that make him ideal for these roles. He is so malleable that we think if we told Ginger he had to help cook in the kitchen one day, he would do it, no questions asked. Perhaps that is what comes from having worked at Tanda Tula for over 20 years - as family you chip in and help wherever needed.

Luckily, we have not had to call on his culinary skills yet, but this team player is a great role model for all the staff.


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