Majestic Male Kudus

One of the most photographed antelope at Tanda Tula is without a doubt the male kudu. Big bulls can have the most impressive horns, which twist above the head of the animal for up to a metre. These magnificent, elegant creatures can move through thickets at high speed by lifting their nose into the air and almost lowering their horns onto their backs to prevent them getting caught in the foliage as they plough through.

It is their preference for this thick vegetation which explains partly why only the males have horns. As a general rule antelope which live in large open areas have horns on both sexes of the species, whereas Bovidae (buffalo and antelope) living in thicker terranes only boast males with horns. It seems the female antelope living in open areas need to protect their young from predators and as they do not have much hide behind they have evolved with horns.

There are many species of antelope that have impressive horns, from sable to gemsbok, but in the Timbavati it is these incredible male kudus that win the competition of the most prepossessing and exquisite horns.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula