Machaton Pride’s New Cubs!

Game viewing in and around our safari camp has been exceptional of late. The drier winter months allows us excellent opportunities for sightings with the majority of game heading to various water holes to quench their thirst. While out on drive recently we were enjoying a number of game sightings, including a few of the big five. Although these sightings were all fantastic, they were completely overshadowed by the sighting of the latest members of the Machaton pride, new lion cubs!

One of the females from the pride recently had cubs and we had been waiting patiently for her to bring them out, and this was that time. The mother brought them out in the open to move them to a new den sight and we managed to see them in clear view. The one cub was quite adventures running up to the vehicle before realising that was not the direction he wanted to go and he quickly scurried off and returned to the safety of mom.

To add to the already exciting drive, we then encountered another truly special sighting. We came across a family of six Cheetah – a mother and her five cubs. Such sightings are very rare in the Timbavati as it is not often we get to see one cheetah, let alone a family of six! She appears to be an experienced female as we managed to see them a few weeks back when the cubs were much smaller, and today she still has all five. It may be due to the excellent impala lambing season which we saw from the beginning of the year.

We hope to catch up with them again soon!

Words by Richard Woodward

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