Luke's last safari in 2017

This week was all about the wild dogs! There have been some brilliant sightings of various packs. One pack in particular have a collared alpha male who has not been seen in this part of the Timbavati for over a year. It just goes to show how vast these animal’s home ranges can be.

Luke’s photos from his safaris this week really capture the essence of a pack of wild dogs - their playfulness, beauty and fierce fighting ability. In some pictures you can still see the red on their face from the remains of their last meal, proving what successful hunters these canines are.

Wild dog pack sizes can be as small as two animals and grow up to forty. It is believed that by moving in packs these animals have developed a more advanced form of social organization than other species. The size of the pack also ensures more efficient hunting skills, defensive abilities and success in reproducing. Wild dogs have incredible organization and co-ordination skills, far better than a pack of hyena which are larger with stronger jaws. It is these skills that enable wild dogs to chase off hyena whenever they come into contact. You can see this tension in Luke’s photo of these two species interacting.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula