Together with my wife Britt, the end of 2018 marked our third year here at Tanda Tula and what a year it has been. There have been some truly inspiring events, some life changing sightings and some utterly heart-breaking scenes out there. However, it is our job as wildlife and nature photographers to document everything that happens in the Timbavati, no matter how hard it can be.

There have been some amazing guests along the way that have shared in some of my highs and lows. To all the safari-goers that joined us at Tanda Tula this year, whether it was for the first time or as repeat guests, we would like to extend a heartfelt thanks you. From me personally, I would like to say an especially big thank you for sharing these moments with me.

It has been really incredible to see all the changes and growth in our concession within the Timbavati over the last three years. From the trial’s and tribulations of the lion dynamics to the influx and decrease of elephants on a yearly rotation. Seeing leopard cubs coming of age and, sadly, never seeing some again. Welcoming new characters to the area, whether they be new leopard toms, lion cubs or rhino bulls – they have all been highlights in the last year. We are so fortunate to live and work in this Greater Kruger region, often taking it all for granted until something incredible happens, reminding us all of just how amazing this natural environment is.

I have come to a couple of conclusions during 2018, one is that the well-known saying about stopping to smell the roses is so true. I have really tried to take in every minute this past year. And Secondly,don’t rush things in Africa – the magic will find you, just sit back and let it.

2018 was such an exciting year and I look forward to what 2019 has to offer with this amazing Tanda Tula team. Recently, Britt and I were promoted to Assistant Lodge Managers, a position that we have taken head on! So, we have leapt into this new year filled with excitement and determination,but most of all I look forward to sharing it with all of you through my images!

Here are my highlights of 2018:


An elephant enjoying the coolness at sunrise.


The first leopard kill I ever witnessed - Ntombi having hare for lunch.

Hare for lunch

A young hyena encounters one of Africa’s giants for the first time.

Hyena and Rhino

One of the Mbiri males keeping an eye on his brother as they court the Myanbula females. They now have sired several cubs with them.


The leopardess, Marula, ascending a Knob Thorn tree to get a better view of her surrounding. This is my favourite image from 2018.


The Black Dam male taking a break after mating with one of the Roths lionesses.


A heartbreaking kill as the Leopardess Marula finds a baby steenbok, only a few days old. A very emotional sighting for most of the guests.


The River Pride tuck into their buffalo kill. This kill was later stolen by the Mbiri males and Zebanine lionesses.


The Zebanine cubs at each others side. Seeing these two cubs grow over the last year has been life changing for me.

Lion cubs

New hope for a species that needs a silver lining.


Some elephants disturb the Zebanine cubs while suckling.

Lioness with cubs











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