Lounging After Lunch!

While out on drive recently we nearly drove right by him, but something caught our tracker’s eye! It may have been the dangling tale, or the pink panting tongue, but my guess is it was the big protruding belly!

We backed up the vehicle and headed over to the tree where the young male leopard was precariously draped across a big branch. He seemed to be recovering from what appeared to have been a massive meal. Roused from his sleep, he made a half hearted attempt at cleaning his face, but it all seemed too much effort. He looked at us briefly, then decided to go back to sleep and put all his energy into the important task at hand- digesting! View a few images below.

Sightings such as this as Tanda Tula Safari Camp are always special.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula