Lots of activity in and around Tanda Tula

Yesterday afternoon was just another gorgeous day in the bush.

With the lush green background and water plentiful, the herbivores were out in full force. Impala are in high numbers at the moment and are in really great condition. The rams have starting to feel each other out before the rut (breeding season) begins in the next month or so.

We were also treated to a wonderful sighting of a herd of buffalo coming down to a watering point to drink. With wonderful back lighting I managed to get some great shots of them drinking and cooling off after a long hot day.

The real highlight of the afternoon was a breeding herd of elephants that we managed to locate as the sun was setting. They were very relaxed and came right past the vehicle – what a setting! Then one of the newest members of the Timbavati family decided to show himself. A very young elephant calf appeared through the tall grass who could not have been more than a week old. He was still pink around the eyes and ears, and still slightly unsteady on his feet.

What a treat to see this youngster on the move and how the rest of the herd naturally protected him and help him through the thick vegetation. I am sure he will grow into a magnificent bull one day.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula