Let Sleeping Hippos Lie!

Beware of mistaking sleeping animals for ones that are dead!

No more so than 'Harry' the hippo who resides in our camp damn. He could not look more dead if he tried, but evidence of his nightly rompings proves very much otherwise, and the fact that he is not always sleeping in the same spot!

This big fellow has made himself quite comfortable soaking up the sun and dozing away the cooler winter days right in the dam by the pool in camp.

As we are in the dry season he is attracted to our camp dam while other watering points are scarce. Our nice green lawn in front of camp is another reason why he calls Tanda Tula his home!

As hippos are incredibly dangerous, we have to be very careful when walking around after dark and we constantly reiterate to guests that he is in fact not dead but very much alive and still incredibly dangerous! This is one of the reasons why our armed rangers walk guests to and from their luxury tents each night. 

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula