Our first scholarship student, Lesego Theko, is an absolute inspiration to everyone involved with the Tanda Tula Foundation. Her gentle nature, quiet demeanour and kind disposition has allowed this special, young girl to creep into all of our hearts. 

Lesego joined Southern Cross Schools in 2016 as the very first Tanda Tula Scholarship Student. Today, she is in Grade 3 and it’s incredible to see the growth and confidence that she has developed over the past couple of years. She has always been shy but with each passing year she grows less so with conviction. Her dedication to school work is an inspiration to the other Foundation students. 
We suspect she gets her work ethic form her mum, Lorraine, who is part of our reservations team and who we would be lost without. We know we can always count on Lorraine to be in the office, on the phone, helping with calls and booking with the utmost efficiency and friendliness (and always looking like a million dollars!). Lesego has taken after her mum with both her own stylish dress sense as well as an amazingly positive attitude to work and all it entails.

At school her favourite subject is art. She loves to draw, be creative and make beautiful things. On the netball court she excels and her passion for this sport is clearly paying off. When asked what she wants to do one day she firmly replied: “Be a social worker because it will allow me to travel all around and meet lots of people". In the meantime, however, she can be found drawing, building lego or enjoying her favourite food - pizza!
Lorraine and Lesego


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