Leopard Cubs in the Leadwood

What are the chances? The other morning not one, but two leopards were found leaping around a dead Leadwood! Chasing each other and jumping from branch to branch, generally having a good time in the early morning mist, only stopping to inspect a sneaky hyena.

These two mischievous animals are the 10 month old cubs belonging to a well-known and documented leopard seen regularly at Tanda Tula know as Marula.

First seen as a young female she was completely relaxed around the game viewers which made her into a photographic dream. Then to everyone's delight just over a year ago she was seen mating with a large male from the south, and a couple of months later she gave birth to two cubs deep in a rocky outcrop on the Ross River.

Marula's relaxed nature has allowed guests to watch her raise these two beautiful, yet adventurous and cheeky cubs into two almost fully grown leopards. This journey, however, does not come without it's trials and tribulations.

Living in an area dense with Hyena clans Marula has to always be on the lookout and it is quite incredible that she has been such a successful mother with her first litter of cubs, she possesses all the natural instincts needed to survive this tough environment.

Luckily the cubs have inherited their famous mother's demeanour which allows for some truly magical sightings.

What is your most memorable leopard sighting?

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