It's not for the birds: Meet Scotch!

Reneck Ndlovu, fondly known at Tanda Tula as Scotch, has a pretty unique way of identifying birds. If you have ever had the wonderful experience of going on a game drive with Scotch you will know exactly what we are talking about.

When coming across a bird on game drive, Scotch has the ability to not only give precise details of the bird, but to also tell guests on exactly what page the bird features in the Sasol Birds of South Africa and also the specific code given to each bird in this rather extensive book. Unbelievably he never gets it wrong!

Scotch is completely self taught, but his photographic memory has held him in good stead. At first it seems like he is playing a trick but guests soon realise he has really memorised the entire book. With the book out of Scotch's sight, guests quiz him hard by going through various pages to which his answer is always correct.

On completing his guiding qualifications he started studying the Sasol Birds of South Africa, and to his surprise not only did the names stick but so did the page numbers and codes! "My guests really love it" says Scotch of this unusual way of teaching birds.

Scotch has been a part of the Tanda Tula family since the very beginning, and his genuine warmth, humour and passion make him one of the most popular rangers in the entire Timbavati.

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