Hyena vs Wild dog

Who will win in a fight featuring hyena vs wild dog?

Hyenas and wild dogs are both successful species in the wild. Their unique traits allow them to boast their own tricks of survival. Both are known to be ferocious killers, and exceptionally good hunters. As a result, whenever the two species cross paths, there is an intense and interesting interaction. 

Unique traits

Wild dogs are probably the most successful predators when it comes to hunting. In turn, hyenas are probably the most versatile. Hyenas do hunt, but most of the time they will pick up scraps from other predators or steal their kill from them. This depends on how brave or hungry they are.

Recent happenings

A couple of weeks ago, Formen Mathebula and some of our guests had an incredible sighting while out on their morning safari in the Timbavati. A fierce battle over food erupted between these two formidable species. A pack of 19 wild dogs had pulled down an impala and were busy feeding. A lone hyena sneaked his way in and, although he was totally outnumbered, he desperately got involved in the action.

Soon the hyena was joined by another one, and then another from his clan. Although they were still completely outnumbered, they decided to take on the dogs. Their pure strength and perseverance paid off. In the end the huge pack of dogs backed off and left what small morsels that remained to be taken by the hyena. The interaction was vicious and brutal. Both species fought with all their power, but in the end the hyenas won.

This is not to say next time these two predators meet there will be the same outcome, it just depends on who decides to back down first.

Photo credit: Patrick Braspear


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