Last week everyone at Tanda Tula Safari Camp received an incredibly inspiring visit from some of the Hlokomela staff. Hlokomela is an award winning HIV and AIDs program which aims to raise awareness through education, by teaching prevention tips and helping with treatment. They also assist with a variety of issues surrounding general healthcare as well as offer support and advice for topics such as domestic violence, abuse and many others. 

The work they do is absolutely unbelievable, for 11 years they have been assisting the surrounding communities through their amazing programs, clinics and support teams. Since the inception of the Tanda Tula Education Foundation, we have maintained a close and positive relationship with Hlokomela. We fully support their incredible work, and we believe that in order to see true change in our communities collaboration and teamwork are key amongst companies and organisations such as theirs.

We know all too well how tirelessly all the Tanda Tula staff work during their time in camp and sometimes it is difficult for them to get to a clinic or to see a doctor. We are extremely committed to our staff’s health and well-being, which is why we have weekly visits to the Hlokomela clinic within the Timbavati, which offers a variety of healthcare assistance and support. As part of our commitment to the staff’s health and wellness we decided to invited Hlokomela to bring a mobile clinic into Tanda Tula Safari Camp. They hosted an amazing Outreach Day for anyone who wanted to attend answering questions and giving talks. 
Candy Nkgogo is the Project Manager for the Hlokomela ‘Nompilo’ Programme which is an exciting and inspiring initiative that Tanda Tula is in the process of getting involved with. Selections are currently underway for two of our staff members to become ‘Nomphilo’s’ which will entail them being the link between the Hlokomela Clinic and our staff. They need to be caring, trustworthy individuals, who can offer support, guidance, empathy and compassion towards their colleagues, whilst being able to arrange assistance and referrals to the clinic for those seeking any sort of help or assistance. The Nompilo Initiative is an on-going programme which will be attended on a monthly basis along with all the other Nompilo’s in the local farming, rural and hospitality industries. They will meet to discuss important and relevant topics, share their research and experiences, receive their own counselling and support, and so much more!

We are so excited to reap the benefits of this incredible programme for everyone at Tanda Tula.

Educating staff on healthcare

Blood pressure checks

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