Hanging Out In The Laundry

Melina Nyathi has been part of the Tanda Tula family since 1990, and her commitment to the team is truly exceptional.

Melina is an incredibly loyal staff member who works in our laundry, and can often be heard singing as she works an goes about her day. She is also one of the huge success stories of the adult literacy classes that take place at Tanda Tula. Completely illiterate a few years ago she now happily reads, writes and completes comprehensions with great pride.

She is occasionally joined in the laundry by some of the housekeepers, but generally she is alone listening to the radio and getting on with a very important job which is often underestimated.

We are astonishingly proud of Melina not only for her long standing service but her personal journey of growth. She sets an wonderful example for everyone at Tanda Tula.

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