Hambakahle, go well, Elita

Elita Khoza, one of our most passionate staff members, has worked at Tanda Tula for almost twenty-five years. It is very rare in this day and age to find anyone who is so loyal and dedicated that they stay with one company for this amount of time. After years of devoted service, Elita is now retiring and will return home to look after herself and her loved ones. We are incredibly sad to bid Elita farewell, but she will forever be a part of the Tanda Tula family.

Retirement is not always easy, especially in the safari industry. The people you work alongside are not just colleagues, but over time they become your family. For years Elita has been a housekeeper here at our luxury tented camp, ensuring that our tents are always perfectly prepared for our guests.

Elita has said to us that she has loved the people she has worked with and her role at Tanda Tula - both filling her days with much joy and a sense of fulfilment.

Giggling, she admits, she will miss Hayley the most. She says she has been like a mother to her (probably more appropriate to be a daughter figure!). She says however, she will definitely not miss the naughty vervet monkeys. These cute little creatures kept Elita on her toes when cleaning the tents. Always trying to sneak in and nibble on the goodnight pillow treats!

We threw a small farewell party for her where everyone got to thank her and say their goodbyes. As sad as she is to be leaving us, she is very much looking forward to the time ahead where she will be able to spend hours in her garden and being with her grandchildren.

Elita, on behalf of the entire Tanda Tula family, we thank you and salute you for your dedication and commitment. We wish you well, salakahle.

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