Good lighting on Luke Street's safari

Luke has given us a couple of interesting images this week, but it is the black and white photos that have the most impact in terms of visual beauty. The magpie shrikes, the kudu and the elephant images all tell different stories. They allow us, as the viewers, to have further insight into these magnificent creatures.

The hyena photograph represents a real photographer's joy with its backlighting and the leading lines. The animal's interaction with one another is an added bonus. This joy can also be found in Luke’s other black and white image of Marula coming down a tree. The photograph is beautifully composed as he has captured the cat mid-act.

Of all the images, the one of the elephant tells a particularly interesting story, Luke has managed to capture the reward of a unique behavioral activity we find with elephants in the Timbavati. Often on safari, Luke and the guests will come across elephants digging for tubers. They tap the earth with their trunks listening for a hollow sound or vibration. Once they locate the correct area they start to dig with their tusks and feet until they manage to find the tubers hidden deep in the ground. The tubers are filled with good nutrients for these large animals and considered a real delicacy. You can almost see the joy these animals get from finding these treats as they enjoy each morsel.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula