Go-Away Bird

Previously known as the grey loerie, this rather dull looking, average sized bird is part of the Turaco family. Unlike the rest of the forest dwelling, colourful Turaco members, the grey go-away bird, (as it is now known), is found on the open African savanna, often near water.

These noisy birds make a rather unusual call once described, a nasal “kweh” or “go-away” sound, which gives rise to the old story of the birds warning call when danger was approaching.  They are generally very gregarious birds and will often form groups of up to 20 birds which hop around the tops of trees in search of berries and insects.

The grey go-away bird is much more vocal during the breeding season which starts with the onset of the rainy summer months. It is definitely worth listening out for this repetitive call when out in the bush because most of the time, these grey little feathery friends have spotted something we may have not!


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