Giving Back and Giving Hope

Harry and Smiling, the two amazing barmen at Tanda Tula Safari Camp, started the Kunavelela Community Project, and still run it today. Together with other members of their community, they are working to help feed, clothe and inspire orphans in Hluvakani.

Harry was inspired by his own circumstances. He was one of fourteen kids and due to financial restraints could not go to school. He wants to help other kids and make sure they do not succumb to the same future. 

One of their on-going projects is the donation of wheelchairs to disabled children in the surrounding villages of their home area. Through the generosity and kindness of guests, visitors to the Kunavelela Project and the Tanda Tula family, this has been a hugely successful scheme. The two most recent  wheelchairs were donated by Tanda Tula and given to the children by some of the staff. For the Tanda Tula staff, it was incredible to be part of this uplifting and inspiring project, and for the kids a whole new chance in life. One child who received this wheelchair has never been able to walk and on receiving this incredible gift he turned to Harry and with a huge smile and tears in his eyes he said: “Thank you very much, I am going to visit one of my friends now”. For the first time, this young man had a sense of independency and freedom, something so often we all take for granted.

We are very proud to be part of the Kunavelela Project and support them in every avenue and venture.

If you would like to show support or read more about it, please visit the Tanda Tula website.



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