Flowering Magic

Once a year the Mopani Pomogranate (Rhigozum zambesiacum) or Mopani Rhigozum, as it is also known, comes out to enchant the Timbavati. Overnight this shrub turns from a very average looking woody plant to a golden spray of bright yellow flowers. These smallish multi stemmed trees usually have short, rigid branches and grow in dry, open woodland areas, easily disregarded on any usual Tanda Tula game drive. 

So it always comes as a incredible surprise at the end of winter, when the bush is dry and stark, and these plants burst into flower literally overnight! Some of the browsers, such as kudu and giraffe will happily nibble on the golden, gleaming flowers, but it is really the guests who get the most joy from these gorgeous plants!

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula