​Finding art in Nature

Tony Fredrikson has more than what one would call an eye for detail, as he sees things which most others do not. Tony is what is known as a Driftwood sculptor, from pieces of driftwood found lying in wild places he creates incredible artworks. 

He will see the shape of something, be it an animal, insect or bird, in a piece of abandoned wood and so the life of this artwork begins. Each piece is completely individual as he does not change the shape of the driftwood, but rather lets it help him discover the creature that may lie beneath. 

Nina and Don Scott, co-owners of Tanda Tula, were so taken by three of his giant size insects at a recent exhibition in Hoedspruit that they felt their rightful place was on the wall at Tanda Tula Safari Camp. The detail and work that goes into each creation is truly inspiring. Tony has been awarded many accolades, as he is an incredibly talented man with a deep passion for what he does. His work has been used as awards for the World Crossbow Championships, Nissan SA, Telkom, SA Soccer, Running Cheetah for the Airforce Base in Hoedspruit and various trophies for the Kruger National Park. Close to 7000 of his limited edition sculptures have been sold to collectors world wide. Go and see for yourself:


Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula