Feeding Leopards and Lions!

The last few days have delivered some wonderful encounters, and our guests have been treated to some very special sightings. From having our resident warthog and nyala on the camps front lawn, to having a leopard and her kill just across the river from camp!

The Ntombi female is just the perfect photographic subject as she always manages to put herself in the perfect tree for the best shot. Her two cubs are doing very well and she is yet again proving to be an excellent mother. Her previous male cub has inherited her superb hunting skills and managed to tackle a young impala ram yesterday morning.

Being about two and half years old, he showed his experience by hoisting his carcass high into the branches of a large Knob Thorn tree away from prowling hyenas. He even managed a rest in between feeds and gave us a fantastic yawn to illustrate his glossy razor sharp teeth.

We also managed to track down a large male lion on a buffalo carcass. This male looked to have tackled the full grown buffalo on his own! An amazing feat considering the buffalo weighs three times what he does. He was massively gorged when we arrived and was rolling around next to the vehicle trying to get comfortable. He is a wonderful looking lion and if he is tackling buffalo on his own then watch out, as he is a force to be reckoned with.


Words and images by Dale Jackson

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