Farewell to a great teacher

Sadly, the time has come that we bid farewell to Anne Watt, our beloved Adult Literacy Program teacher, with heavy hearts. For over five years this incredible woman has run inspiring and uplifting classes for the staff at Tanda Tula with a dedication and passion that is unsurpassed.

This program has been hugely successful and rewarding. Some of the students who joined Anne at the beginning could not even write their names when they started. Today, they take home reading books and write long essays about their lives. To watch these men and women grow and learn, and see the pride they take in their own achievements, is an incredibly wonderful thing. Anne says, “It has been truly inspirational to be part of this project and help with the gift of education.”

Anne, previously an art teacher, brought laughter and creativity to the classroom. One can see what a truly happy time was had by all in every art project that she encouraged the students to create. None of this would have been possible without the complete dedication and love that Anne bequeaths to each and every student. Everyone at Tanda Tula is eternally indebted to this amazing woman for the doors she has opened and the lessons she has taught.


Even though Anne is off on new adventures, the adult literacy classes are not coming to an end. There are exciting things on the horizon for all the students. But, right now, we all stand up and thank you, Anne Watt. You have been instrumental in the success of the Tanda Tula Adult Literacy Program. You will be sorely missed but we wish you all the best and we know you will be watching your beloved students grow and blossom even further. Thank you.


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