Exceptional game viewing around camp

The weekend delivered some special sightings for our guests here at Tanda Tula Safari Camp in the Timbavati. One of the game viewing highlights was a mating pair of lions that gave us quite a show! The male was truly majestic with a magnificent black mane and huge body, and I am sure he will sire some very good looking cubs. Watching these big five cats in their natural habitat in the African bush is a truly special experience, but witnessing such an event is truly spectacular.

The hyena den was again very active and we managed to see three generations of hyena at the den site. The interaction between clan members was truly special, especially watching the youngsters explore their surroundings and being startled by a bird or insect and then racing back to the den for cover. We also managed to see a large herd of buffalo this morning with one particular bull giving us the beady eye!

A highlight on the birding side was a rare sighting of a group of ostriches two males and a female. It is not often we see these animals in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, so it was another fantastic game sighting. The males were sporting their breeding plumage and were displaying constantly to attract the attention of the female. There were also some great sightings of zebra, giraffe and kudu in and around camp.

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