Elephants In The Dust

As today is World Elephant Day, we feel it only fitting to run today's post on these special mammals.

Even though a few weeks ago we had some rain at Tanda Tula it sadly does not appear to have made any difference to the harsh dry environment. Elephants seem to be either determinedly marching from one watering hole to another or tearing down trees to get to their roots which carry the most moisture and nutrients.

This beautiful breeding herd was found moving swiftly through the barren bush veld in search of water. They would occasionally stop and intently listen as the entire herd would silently communicate between themselves and other herds. Then as though having been given directions from fellow elephants, they would move off in a new direction.

A fascinating insight to the desperate need these animals have for water in order to survive, as well as their powerful means of secret communication.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula