​Down on their knees

We are well into the dry season in the Timbavati and all around the vegetation is scorched and grass is minimal, so it makes perfect sense for some local warthogs to feed off the lush green lawn in front of the pool (much to the horror of the gardeners)! It is really the manner in which they feed that always has the guests enchanted - down on their knees they move along oblivious of all the lodge activities around them.

This style of feeding may look strange, but it brings about a highly efficient way of digging up roots, bulbs and tubers. Known as rooting, the warthogs use the end of their snout and tusks. Being on their knees means they have more leverage and are better able to obtain their food in hard soil. 

This behaviour is seen most often in winter due to the fact that they feed predominantly out in the open savanna. During the winter months the earth is far less penetrable and grass is harder to come by, so they are forced to search for different forms of food. Unless of course they are some of the lucky few who get to enjoy the odd lush lawn meal at Tanda Tula!

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula