Facts about the Marula Fruit

The marula fruit has many uses and admittedly it often is made into ciders or other alcoholic drinks, but as it falls from the tree it only offers huge amounts of vitamin C - four times that of oranges. They are also delicious tasting summer fruit. The fruit, which are a lovely yellow colour when ripe, are found between January and March.

It is not only the birds, insects and animals that enjoy these slightly tangy but deliciously sweet morsels - they are harvested by many communities. The peel can be squeezed to produce esters which are used in essential oils and homeopathic medicines, and the pulp of the fruit can be dried and stored and used for juices and jams. There is an extensive list of recipes that use marula fruit including cheesecakes, truffles and smoothies.

It is a highly nutritious and versatile fruit and is still being extensively researched to reveal more healing properties that it may possess. 

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