Crocodile Rock

Whilst on safari at Tanda Tula we came across these incredibly deceiving and interesting tracks which were left behind by a crocodile. From the size of his tail and foot prints, the guide could tell it was not a huge crocodile, at most 1,5 meters.

It was amazing to see how far this prehistoric creature had walked within the Timbavati. Contrary to popular belief, crocodiles can cover huge distances out of water, moving up to 10 km on land between watering holes.

Often crocodiles will be alerted to a nearby predator making a kill and will leave the safety of the water to go in search of food. However, these ancient reptiles are recorded mostly making their own kills in the water. Their tactic is to catch unsuspecting animals who come to drink, have been chased into water by other predators, or who are crossing channels in places such as Botswana or the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania.

Crocodiles at Tanda Tula are not common creatures to find so it was extremely exciting to find the tracks and follow them for quite some distance. As winter sets in and waterholes dry up, crocodiles tend to move in search of larger and more permanent water sources - which is obviously what this one was doing.


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