Cows and Cats, buffalo and leopards

We have been receiving some much needed rain of late and the bush is now lush and green. Game has taken advantage of the good grazing conditions and are in prime condition.

Large buffalo herds are moving through the property at the moment and there has been a marked increase in young calves being born during this time of plenty! These large cows ( as one of my guests called them) form formidable units in large numbers and it really is something special to sit amongst a large herd as they graze along. The young calves are well looked after and if danger presents itself are rushed to the centre of the herd and surrounded by large adults in a protective ring.

The cats have also used the conditions to their advantage and we managed to see the Marula female leopard with an impala carcass. This female leopard continues to impress as she is travelling further afield than ever before and is clearly making the territory west of Tanda Tula her own. She again provided some wonderful photographic opportunities for us and I took full advantage!

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula