On Friday, we launched the first of our Basic Computer Literacy lessons during our Tanda Tula adult literacy class. This was met with much excitement and definitely a few nerves by the students.

The scholars learned about the basic differences between hardware and software and were each given the opportunity to create and name their own work portfolio in the PC documents folder. This is where they will store all of their practical work. For a few of the students this was their first ever experience working with a computer and nervous giggles filled the classroom as they each attempted to navigate the cursor using the mouse. 
The Tanda Tula Education Foundation thrives to create opportunities for all of our staff to benefit from improving themselves, both in their work and as individuals, so we are very proud to expand the adult literacy class to include computer literacy. For some students, this provides them with the opportunity to learn simple, yet empowering, skills such as typing or sending an email. While for other members of staff, it opens up the door to further education and online training in subjects such as Tourism and Office Administration.

In some cases, this makes the prospect of growing within the company a real and attainable goal . This is an achievement we are equally as excited about and a goal we wholeheartedly share with them.

As a teacher, it is always exciting and rewarding to introduce new concepts to students. This journey in particular is equally, if not more, exciting. Knowing the impact that this will make on the lives of each adult student is truly humbling and inspiring, and something that I do not take for granted.



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