CNN highlights the Timbavati's fight for anti-poaching in new series "Going Green"

"Everything that exists in this world, is interconnected. One day the rhino goes to extinction, it's going to follow the elephant, the lion, the hyenas, everything, and then man will be the last thing to go extinct as well."

These were the words of Anton Mzimba, head of the Timbavati field ranger team, during a recent CNN interview. CNN visited the Timbavati last month to interview Anton and to spend some time with the field rangers to get a better understand of what their job entails, and the risks they face every day to protect our wildlife. The feature was for a series called ‘’Going Green’’ which celebrates and highlights the individuals making a difference in their efforts to protect the planet. To be recognised for such a feature is a great honour, and we are extremely proud of Anton.

Anton is an incredibly passionate and well-respected field ranger, who is making a tremendous impact on protecting the Timbavati’s wildlife. The reserve is fortunate to have an incredible field ranger team, but it is certainly not an easy job.

Watch the video here:…/going-green-




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