Clinics Keeping Us Healthy

Today was clinic day for the staff at Tanda Tula, a weekly visit to the nurses and doctors working as part of the Hlokomela mobile clinic. This incredible team of medical professionals dedicate their time to moving between various reserves and lodges in the Hoedspruit area offering medical treatment to employees who may need assistance. Once a week any staff working in the Timbavati are welcome to visit to the Phelwana Clinic set deep within the reserve. These incredible facilities offer support to a wide variety of illnesses and the prevention thereof.

Tanda Tula is over an hour away from the closest town, so it is vital that there is some sort of medical help available for non emergency cases. The Phelwana clinic provides a safe haven for many staff working in the Timbavati, and it allows people to get help and sound advice as well as providing a social get together which is too often missed when working in these isolated environments. 


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