Clenny 'The Glue' Seoke

Meet Clenny Seoke, Tanda Tula’s duty manager.

Clenny is someone who quietly goes about her daily duties with such ease and so little fuss, that sometimes we forget that she is there at all! However, if she were to disappear we would all know immediately.

Clenny ensures that all the staff duties run like clockwork. Her colourful headpieces and exotic jewellery make her appear as a colourful character, yet her quiet disposition allows her to get on with her tasks unchallenged and always with the utmost respect from her peers. This position was filled in 2012 by Clenny and has seen her grow in leaps and bounds.

She is a real mother figure who we often turn to when we need some sound advice. She is a true Tanda Tula gem.

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