Cheetahs Spotted in the Timbavati

The normally elusive cats have been showing up, and showing off, for Tanda Tula guests over the last few weeks.

We’ve been treated to a sighting of a mother with her five young cubs, as well as other adults out hunting or enjoying their kills. Cheetahs normally hunt through the day and out in the open which makes for some incredibly exciting viewing.

As they rely on their speed to kill, cheetahs are often exhausted after they catch their prey. Typically they rest for a few minutes before they start to feed, but they can’t wait too long for fear of losing their meal to another predator or scavenger. Unlike leopards that can hoist their kill up a tree for safekeeping, the most a cheetah can do is pull the carcass into nearby shade, eat quickly and hope for the best!

Enjoy the images below.

Words by Jacquie Gauthier

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