Changing Territories

The last few months have seen some incredible shiftings taking place in the lion kingdom at Tanda Tula. We are constantly finding big new males that are either moving in from the Kruger National Park side or coming across from the Klaserie. We do not always know who these males are or where they come from, but they all seem to be sniffing around for new females and new territory.

There have also been a number of females moving through the Timbavati - again, lionesses we are not accustomed to viewing and often very nervous around the vehicles. The two females in the pictures were found under an acacia tree but were definitely not relaxed. New areas mean unknown threats, as one female already proved with a big scar on her face. Amazingly, on just two safari’s, we came across three different sets of lions, all of which we were unfamiliar with.

With the dissolving of the infamous Machatan Lions which were the dominant pride for many many years, there is now a vacuum in this area which is the perfect opportunity for a new pride to be formed. However, with this comes a lot of movement and instability, hence the many roaming lions and lionesses we keep coming across on safari. So until specific animals meet up and a new coalition is formed, we will continue to see these nomadic animals in search of new frontiers.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula