Camp Visitors

There are many creatures, big and small, roaming through the camp at Tanda Tula. They are not always seen, sometimes just heard or simply leave some evidence behind, a few are possibly only imagined.

However the nyala are one of the most regular inhabitants and the most popular with visitors. These relaxed, gentle daily visitors are often found quietly grazing alongside the pool or next to the main deck.

These groups are mostly made up females and their young, but every now and then a grand male nyala will wander through, his coat of long dark hair and elegant horns differentiating him from the female of his species.

As a very general rule in the antelope world, species that are found in dense areas of foliage tend to have only males with horns, the females are smaller and hornless.

It is interesting to know that the male nyala is one of the few antelope's whose horns continue to grow throughout their lifetime, however if by chance a horn does get broken off they will not grow back.

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