Camp Dam Happy Hour

We were truly spoilt yesterday with a fantastic sighting of both buffalo and elephant all around camp dam. Our camp dam is situated in a fairly central location in our safari camp, just in front of our swimming pool.

The first to arrive were the buffalo, a herd of approximately 300 strong. They made their way to the dam in a cloud of dust and they all pushed and shoved to get a gap so they could quench their thirst.

The next to arrive were a group of young bull elephants who looked rather taken aback by the presence of the buffalo. These youngsters stood and patiently waited their turn before approaching the water. The real show stopper was when a beautiful herd of elephant made their way into the dam. Adults and calves took to the water with relish and a youngster who could not have been more than a couple weeks old was the centre of attention.

What a wonderful morning enjoyed from the comfort of the pool deck!

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula