Behind the Scenes

Meet Linneth Mathonsi, a face not often seen around Tanda Tula Safari Camp. Linneth works in the scullery, so she spends most of her time behind the scenes ensuring that things are spic and span.

However this does not detract from the importance of her role. Many people work out of the limelight, to fulfill vital roles and duties that allow Tanda Tula to operate at the level it does, providing a high quality of service, food and experiences.

This Lovely lady is a mother of three who has been part of our bigger family for over seven years. Her quiet disposition allows her to carry on with her work, always smiling and bringing positive energy to the work place. For Linneth, Tanda Tula is her other home and her colleagues are like relatives. “Working here is very nice, it is like being with family,'' comments Linneth.

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