Baby Animals Everywhere!

It is that incredible time of year again when all the animals seem to be giving birth. For people who live in the bush it is only ever really summer when the impala foals start to appear and the Woodlands Kingfishers can be heard. With the last rainstorm the Kingfishers finally made their appearance and now the sound of summer is all around Tanda Tula Safari Camp. The impala ewes have also started having their babies and small clusters of these tiny mini versions can be found under bushes, or running long-legged alongside mum. 

The warthogs are always a favourite as they are an exact replica of their parents, and the gentle squeaking noises they make to stay in contact with the adults is very adorable.

It truly feels like everything is alive and reproducing, making even a quiet game drive exciting and stimulating. All guests love baby animals and the appropriate oohing and aching can be heard at any sighting that involves youngsters.


Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula