Autumn Announces Itself

Overnight the bush has taken on an incredible golden hue. All around the leaves have turned into variations of amber beauty.

The ironically named Red Bush Willows have turned into shrubs of bright yellow, giving a magical quality to the whole Timbavati. The Mopane trees have also turned into trees of burnt sienna, intensifying this flaxen light all around Tanda Tula.

The mornings are crisper and darker, bringing a welcomed relief from the last few months of incredible summer heat. Autumn is truly a unique season in the bush as it is so short lived, and before we know it winter will be upon us and out will come the jackets and scarves, not to mention the leafless trees. So for now while we are on safari we stop to appreciate the unusual and gorgeous colours all around, allowing the golden glow to radiate and enchant us.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula