On Safari with Luke Street - Another Incredible Week

It has been another incredible week of game viewing at Tanda Tula. Guests have been exposed to the best that the Timbavati has to offer, from wild dogs to cheetah, hyenas cleaning up carcasses, lions breaking the “rules” and all the other usual stuff!

Safari moments

It was wonderful to find the coalition of three male cheetahs again. One seems injured, but his brothers never let him fall too far behind - just reiterating the strong bond these animals form with each other. As cheetahs have a home range rather than confined territory, they travel huge distances. These males are seen as far as the Kruger National Park. So when they cross back into the Timbavati, it is fantastic to locate and view them.

Luke also came across one of the Mpiri male lions feeding alongside the Roths females. These prides do not usually come together, so it was rather exciting. Later in the week, they were found mating. This is fantastic as hopefully there will be some cubs in a couple of months. These lions managed to pull down not one, but two buffaloes in one night. Talk about biting off more than you can chew! But soon enough, the hyena and vultures moved in and took advantage of the leftovers. All made for wonderful photo opportunities for Luke and super game viewing for the Tanda Tula guests.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula