An Intern With Some Jozi Flare

Meet Shantelle Mbatha, a city girl gone wild... so to say! This bubbly young lady, originally from the big city of Johannesburg, decided to take a gap year and reassess her life
after two years of studying in the Western Cape. She did so by retreating to a quieter life at Tanda Tula. I don’t think she realized what she was in for! After being thrown into the kitchen to get some training with Chef Ryan, she is now helping in the front of house where she is learning administrative skills - all of which play a big part of lodge life!

Born in KwaZulu Natal, but having grown up in Soweto, Shantelle speaks 6 of the 11 official South African languages. Although a city girl at heart, she is loving the new adventures of living in the Timbavati. Shantelle says she can adapt very quickly to new experiences and environments, and she really enjoys the challenge. Going to sleep with the lions roaring, knowing this is an unfenced area where anything could happen at any time, has a totally different thrill, one she is completely embracing.


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