An Incredible Week in Pictures

By Chad Cocking

I have just returned from two weeks of leave and after hearing all the stories from the other guides about having daily leopard and wild dog encounters, I couldn’t wait to get out into the bush again. And wow, the Timbavati did not disappoint! 

Although this week’s collection of pics comes from only a couple of days out on safari, what an incredible few game drives they have been! The two dominant Mbiri male lions made their presence felt, and no more so than when we found them roaring outside of the camp early yesterday morning. After many a loud vocal call they decided to move across and have a drink at Camp dam.

Marula, one of the local female leopards, has been around as well as Nthombi, another female leopard. They both had a few productive days with two separate kills.(To read more and understand why we give names to individual leopards click here) Although two packs of wild dogs have spent several days in the Tanda Tula area, they were less evident towards the end of the week. But with all the elephants, buffalo and rhinos around, we have had more than enough to keep the guests in awe of this Greater Kruger environment.

The autumn temperatures have started to take over the mornings by imparting a distinct end-of-summer feeling, however by midday as temperatures rise into the high thirties it is extremely evident that summer is not ready to give up its grip on this part of South Africa yet. Although we have had no good rain over the past couple of days, the bush is still looking in relatively good condition compared to a a month ago, all due to the late February rains which thankfully allowed some sustained grass growth to envelope parts of the reserve.


Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula