An impressive safari with Luke Street

Despite the extreme weather conditions varying from boiling hot to cold and drizzling during the past week, the sightings have been really impressive. This week's photos from Luke give testament to that.

It seems we still have nomadic male lions moving through the Timbavati, crossing from Klaserie to Kruger and back. Although this highlights the incredible benefits of an open system, it also means the areas these animals are moving through are massive and so it is hard to keep track of them all the time.

Regardless, guests have had some wonderful lion sightings. Luke’s picture of the male lion snoozing on his back before heading out on a long night's patrol really represents the flip side of these powerful, aggressive animals.

The rains further east mean that a large amount of elephants have moved through to greener pastures, but there are still plenty of breeding herds to be found, and lots of bulls. The waterholes still present places of refreshment which translates into great photographic opportunities.

It was also a fantastic few days in terms of leopard sightings. It is funny how guests have certain expectations when arriving on safari. Inevitably, everyone wants to find a leopard up a tree, and this week the leopards were all very accomodating!

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula