An Evening To Remember

A few weeks ago while the evenings were still lined with a hint of warmth we decided to celebrate the beginning of winter with a joint sundowner drink stop for all the guests in camp.

When the opportunity allows we set up a surprise sunset drinks for individual vehicles, but as the moment presented itself we decided to combine all the guests at one big sundowner celebration. It so happens that there were a couple of honeymooners and some birthday celebrations taking place at the same time with guests staying in our safari camp, and so we felt it right to have a party and enjoy these memorable times together.

On a beautiful starlit evening on sunset plains the guests gathered and enjoyed some champagne and canapés as they witnessed the African sky changes hues from pink to red over the Timbavati. It was overwhelmingly memorable, to say the least, even for the staff who were responsible for setting up this incredible magic moment.

This celebration of life will be in the minds and memories of everyone who was there for a long long time to come.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula