Not just an empty shell

Often during the winter months we come across starkly white and beautiful dried out shells lying in the bush. These are the remains of the Giant Land Snail, a formidable creature when alive, giving a whole new meaning to the escargot concept! These land snails can reach up to 10 cm in length and 8 cm in height - they are truly impressive in size and appearance.

However, in the dry season they often do not get enough water and die, drying out and leaving their exposed shell to bake into a bright snowy colour under the harsh African sun.

The other morning while on our bush walk JV, a local experienced guide, was explaining that there is an incredible traditional use for these left over shells. In the Shangaan culture, traditionally the dry white shells are ground up and used for any domestic animal that has an eye infection. The powder is applied to the eye area of cattle or dogs and miraculously this white powder cures any infection.

Nature has incredible ways of hiding healing qualities within her natural beauty and form.

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