With a name that assumes you to be joyful, merry, cheerful or buoyant it is pretty hard to be otherwise. Luckily Happiness has such an upbeat and positive disposition that we never have to question the roots of her English birth title. She also has a local Xhosa name, which is Luzile, but this means “to come” and sadly does not have quite the same charming ring to it once translated.
Happiness has been part of the Tanda Tula family for over 12 years and has worked her way up through the ranks from the laundry to becoming our only bar lady. She has even higher aspirations though and would like to improve her computer skills so that she can eventually earn herself a job in the office.

The best thing about her job? Chatting to the guests of course! She loves to hear where they come from and what their affection for safari and the Greater Kruger is all about. She is very passionate about going on game drives herself and says that whenever there are only a few guests in camp she loves to get out into the Timbavati to see the animals. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful person working behind the bar, her friendly and efficient disposition endears her to everyone that is lucky enough to be served a gin and tonic by her!




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