A week of productivity in photos

Every day on safari is unpredictable. Some days are quieter than others, and then some days the game comes right into camp. This week Luke Street describes how productive the Timbavati has been and backs up his stories with some gorgeous images.

By Luke Street

I spent a large part of the last week working with some return photographic guests and I remember thinking to myself before they arrived: “Man I hope the game performs!”. What an incredible week it turned out to be!

It started off with a few fantastic sightings of elephants. Personally, I am really pleased that the elephants have been around in such impressive numbers over the last few weeks,. They just offer such inspiring photographic moments. I often ask my guests after spending a long period with these incredible animals whether during that time they had thought about anything other than what the elephants were doing, watching their behaviour and interactions. It seems the answer is always no, which just goes to show that elephants truly demand our attention, in the most beautiful way, and force us to be present. Something that in today’s crazy, busy world we seldom take time to do.

The highlight of the week was probably finding the Mbiri male lion coalition right outside our safari camp one morning. They proceeded to roar with their most powerful voices right next to us before moving down to our camp dam (which we have recently renamed Dale’s dam, in honor of the rehabilitation that has taken place) for a drink. This just proves to our guests who come on safari that we have very good reason for insisting on walking you back to your tent at night!

Marula, the infamous leopardess, was also keen to pose for us on a few different occasions and I was happy to capture some unique moments of her as she patrolled her territory.

Another highlight of the week for me was being able to spend some time with one of the most interesting, yet misunderstood animals in Africa, the baboons. Sadly we don’t often come across this species but on this occasion they were ready for the camera and put on a brilliant show.

The week also offered some exquisite sunsets which gave me the opportunity to pull out my new Nikon 10-20mm lens, much to my excitement. Although it definitely takes some getting used to after mostly working with macro lenses, I love the diversity it brings to my overall catalogue of photographs.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula