A week of perspective in pictures

It has been another exciting week at Tanda Tula Safari Camp. Chad’s pictures give a real perspective to the variety of species that have been seen in just a few days. If you cannot be on safari in the Timbavati yourself, you could live precariously through his beautiful images!

Firstly, it must be said that this past week really felt like winter had arrived. Morning and evening game drives were definitely cold, even though the days were still beautifully warm. We even had some very late rains which is unusual for mid May, and that contributed to an even further drop in morning temperatures.

There have been huge herds of both buffalo and elephants moving through the Timbavati in the last couple of days. These large herbivores are always a wonder for guests to watch. They are constantly on the move and engaged in some sort of activity. Unlike the cats who so often are sleeping or lounging around, not putting on any sort of show for people who have come from across the planet to see these magnificent beasts in South Africa!

The abundance of green grass means the general game is plentiful. There seems to be something to look at around every corner. Most of the migrant birds have left already, seeking summer in the Northern hemisphere, and many of the deciduous trees have lost most of their leaves. The change of seasons is incredible to observe in nature and for everyone at Tanda Tula we are quite happy to have some relief from the sweltering past months.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula