A week of optimal game viewing in photos

It  has been a truly spectacular week for game viewing at Tanda Tula Safari Camp!

It started off with an amazing sighting of our new resident coalition of lions, the Mbiri males. We arrived just as the big cats were starting to stretch and yawn, a sure sign that they were about to start their nightly patrol. We stayed with these dominant lions for a long time that evening, watching them cunningly approach a nearby herd of buffalo.

The next morning we found the Mbiri males with hollow bellies, so obviously they had an unsuccessful night. Shortly afterward, we came across Ntombi, the leopardess, as she effortlessly moved through the bush and across a dry riverbed. Close by were a herd of impala at play, they were incredibly entertaining as we watched them run around at top speed, leaping and bouncing all over the place.

The lionesses that have been claimed by the Mbiri boys were also around. They had been tending to some cubs that they had stashed away along the banks of the Zebenine river, sadly we have not had the pleasure of meeting these cubs just yet, but we hope to catch our first glimpse soon. We have however decided to name this new, young pride of lions the Zebenine pride. We hope that they remain strong and can reign over this part of the Timbavati for years to come.

Elephants have been plentiful, with several sightings of well over a hundred and fifty of these immense beasts coming together at various waterholes across the concession. It is such a pleasure to have elephants around just about every corner and even better to hear their rumbles throughout the night.

For me, the highlight of the week was an incredible wild dog viewing we had. These carnivores are in their denning cycle at the moment and so sightings of them have became more and more seldom, but we were lucky enough to find a pack on the move one morning. They were on a hunting patrol and,  as usual,  they were being followed by a pack of hungry hyenas hoping to cash in on any hunting successes. Sadly, it was not a good day and the dogs missed kill opportunity after kill opportunity.

Other fantastic sightings during the week were finding Marula, the leopardess, sleeping high in a Jackalberry tree with her kill nearby; coming across two resting Pearl Spotted Owlets; finding a group of juvenile hyenas chewing on a giraffe leg and then also getting a proper introduction to Thumbela's young leopardess cub as she casually lay atop a termite mound.


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